How to sleep with a new tattoo Guide (9 Tips & Tricks)

How to sleep with a new tattoo Guide (9 Tips & Tricks)

How to sleep with a new tattoo Guide (9 Tips & Tricks)

So you finally got your new tattoo! Now that you have your new inked masterpiece, you might be wondering how to sleep with a new tattoo, whether you should wrap your tattoo while sleeping, and so much more. The most important thing after getting a new tattoo is to make sure you take care of it well. If this is your first tattoo, you might be worried about doing this correctly. The way you sleep with your new tattoo is extremely important to make sure it heals correctly. Follow these 9 tips and tricks to make sure your new tattoo heals safely!

1. Plan Ahead of Time!

Before you head into the shop, make sure you know what safety precautions you are going to take once you are home with your new tattoo. No matter where the placement of your new tattoo is, make sure you are sleeping on the opposite side. A new tattoo is an open wound, so it is important to treat it carefully so that your wound does not get infected. 

2. Change Your Bed Sheets

Do you change your bed sheets often? If you do, make sure you keep it up and change your bed sheets and covers before you go get your new tattoo. Bacteria can easily infect your tattoo since it is so tender, and a common place holding bacteria is actually your bed. Make sure you freshen up your bed before your appointment and place clean sheets on your bed to ensure you are ready for the big day.

3. Move Your Pets Out of The Bedroom

Did you know that pets hold all kinds of bacteria in their mouths and bodies? If your pets normally sleep in your bed, you might want to move them out for a couple of days or sleep elsewhere. Pets shed lots of hair and dandruff, and all of this unhealthy bacteria is dangerous for your new tattoo. You are risking infection, red haze and itching by sleeping with your pets, so it is important to not only wash your sheets carefully, but keep the pets out of the bedroom while your new tattoo heals.

4. Ask Your Tattoo Artist About Tattoo Wrapping

Before you leave the tattoo shop, ask your tattoo artist whether you should keep your tattoo covered or remove the wrapping while you sleep. Normally, tattoo artists recommend to keep the bandage on for the first night and then put on new bandages the following night. The key is to make sure you secure the wrapping safely and sterilize the bandage to avoid sweat and bacteria from invading.

5. Don’t Sleep On Your New Tattoo!

When choosing a sleeping position, make sure you are not lying on your new tattoo. New tattoos need circulating air in order to heal quickly, so it is important to sleep on the opposite side where you got your tattoo. This is crucial to ensure that you do not irritate your tender skin or trap moisture in your bandage. You can choose to sleep in a side position, back position, or stomach position depending on your tattoo placement, and use pillows to make your first night more comfortable. 

So how long until you can sleep on a tattoo? It is recommended that you wait 4-7 days to ensure a new layer of skin forms over your new tattoo before you sleep on it.

6. Get A Good Night’s Sleep

While it is always important to get a good amount of rest, when you get a new tattoo it is absolutely crucial. When you get a new tattoo, your body reacts to it as if it were a wound. In order to heal a wound, you need to rest at least 8 hours a night if not more. Help your body by resting, as this recovery time will help your tattoo heal faster. Eating a healthy diet is also important during this time, so that your immune system can assist your healing. 

7. Don’t Pull Off Stuck Fabric

Sometimes your fresh tattoo can stick to a fabric and cause you to panic, but do not worry! Simply grab the fabric that is stuck on your tattoo, but do not rip it off as it can be painful. Walk slowly to the nearest sink and rinse it with warm, gentle water. The fabric will easily slide off and your tattoo will be safe from harm. Make sure to wash the fabric right after to remove any excess bacteria. 

8. Use Tattoo Wipes When Necessary

Tattoo antibacterial wipes can be extremely useful the first days after getting your tattoo in order to safely clean your tattoo. Keep a handful near your bed, car, or work office and wherever else you frequent often to ensure you have them if you accidentally brush your tattoo against something. These wipes sooth your fresh wound and keep it sterilized, free from bacteria. 

9. Don’t Drink Alcohol

Want to have a speedy recovery? Stay away from alcoholic beverages. You want your liver to focus on healing your new tattoo, and alcohol takes the livers focus away from your tattoo. Your body will also need plenty of fluids, and alcohol normally dehydrates your body. If you want to speed up your recovery time make sure to stay away from a night out with friends, at least for now.  

Follow these 9 tips and tricks to ensure your new tattoo recovery is quick and painless. Sleeping with a new tattoo can be daunting, but if you follow these 9 tips your body will love you. You will be able to rock your new tattoo soon!

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