5 Tips When Choosing A Tattoo Artist in Tuscon, Arizona or in United States
Tattoo Artist in Tuscon, Arizona

5 Tips When Choosing A Tattoo Artist in Tuscon, Arizona or in United States

Whether you’re getting your very first tattoo or finding a new spot, finding the best place can be difficult due to so many factors that are brought into consideration. Tattoos are permanent, so it is important to consider your future tattoo artist wisely. You have to consider the location, reputation, portfolio of the tattoo artist, hygiene, and many more factors. If you need some great guidance, here are 5 tips when choosing the best tattoo artist in Tuscon, Arizona or in Untied States.

1. Find The Perfect Style Artist For Your Tattoo

Whether you want a traditional tattoo or a modern, contemporary style, it is important to find out the tattoo artist’s style before you go in to get a new tattoo done. Some tattoo artists specialize in detailed linework and others in portraits, and while it may seem similar, choosing a specific artist makes a big difference. Research the tattoo you want extensively, and then figure out which tattoo artist will best create the design you want.

2. Ask Your Friends/Family For Recommendations

While researching on the internet is great, sometimes a recommendation from a friend or family member can be extremely beneficial. You will be able to get the inside scoop about the tattoo artist, shop, and atmosphere before you even go into the shop which can beneficial information beforehand. Getting a recommendation from someone you trust can be helpful, and you can even ask to come along with a friend as they get their tattoo done. That way you know what the process is like and will know what to expect for your new tattoo. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, because a tattoo is an important choice that will be with you forever!

3. Make Sure The Tattoo Shop Is Safe and Credible

Some of Arizona has certain laws requiring tattoo shops to be licensed and to follow specific safety and hygiene regulations. Make sure that the tattoo shop you are researching is credible and safe so that you do not have to worry about getting a horrible tattoo, or even worse, an infection. Ask your tattoo shop how employees are properly trained and how they keep up with safety regulations. Do they use needles from sealed containers? Do they wear gloves? Do they sterilize their countertops, tables, and chairs after each customer visits the shop? These are important questions to keep in mind when considering a new tattoo shop. You want to find a shop that cares about your safety and health.

4. Social Media Is Your Best Friend

If you don’t know anyone who has recently gotten a tattoo, check out social media for local shops and tattoo artists that work in Tuscan, Arizona. You will be able to see exclusive designs and tattoos, check out the shop online, and find sales and specials. Artists put their best work on social media, so you will be able to see if the tattoo you want matches with that artists’ style, design and expertise. Most shops have social media sites so check them out locally and don’t forget to like, follow and comment with any questions!

5. Know What You Want

The most important tip for getting a new tattoo in Tuscon, Arizona is to be confident and know what you want. Many people go into the shop without really knowing the exact design, style, or image they want which is not a wise decision. A tattoo lasts forever, so make sure that the tattoo you want to get is one that you will be happy with for the rest of your life. Before you go into a tattoo shop, have an image or example of what you want your tattoo to look like, so that you can discuss it with the artist. Be ready to ask questions and remain confident throughout the process of getting your dream tattoo.


By following these simple steps you can not only find your dream tattoo shop but get the dream tattoo you have always wanted. Researching tattoo shops is worth the time and effort, in order to get the tattoo you truly desire. Make sure you are happy with the artist, the shop, and the environment you will be in as you get your new tattoo. Tuscon, Arizona is full of incredible tattoo shops, I hope these 5 steps will help bring you closer to your dream tattoo!

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