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Hello everyone! Sorry I wasn’t around my site very much due holidays! I’m sorry that my site got down for temporary due my site was moving to the sweet bomb new server So sorry about it, I’m def looking forward to update my site  more Starting today to next week.  Have a great day ya all!

It was blast time at meeting of the styles! I met a lot real cool people and it was great see so many talented artists up there!! Mad props to em! I was not able get all of the pictures cause some of them are indoor and had no access

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Hey welcome to my new site, it is about time is out to the public! I’ts 85%  complete and I will adding more Artwork & Pictures , categories on gallery section, and some more features around my site. So feel free to check it out and share the site with your friends & family.


Mad Props


MOS TX: update

I sure have a blast time at  Meeting of the styles by battling with weather. I’ve  meet lot dope people up at the event. I will upload the pictures of the complete walls to post next week to share!

Meeting Of Styles

Im very excited and looking forward to attend and part of this event!

Anybody is welcome to come and check this event out!!

Meeting Of Styles
150+ National & International Writers confirmed to be attending this event
Sept 20 – 22 at  Houston, Texas

 Here’s a MOS event’s location:

 Kingspoint Graffiti LLC
10902 Kingspoint, Houston, Texas 77075